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Caring for all of our animals on a day to day basis is costly on a small rescue like us, so we rely on donations from the public to keep us going. By sponsoring an animal, you're helping feed, shelter and provide for our animals directly. Each animal we save has a unique story so we encourage you to read on and learn more about each one. 




Sid was born with a rare genetic disease. His full diagnosis is "Borderline Ventriculomegaly versus hydrocephalus". This essentially means that Sid's brain doesn't function as it should, as the central nerve in his brain is inflamed. As if this boy wasn't unlucky already, the hydrocephalus part of his diagnosis means that there is fluid surrounding the brain. Sid is awaiting results from a specialist to see if his condition can be fixed, or if it will come down to quality of life in his final days. None the less, we are going to give him the best treatment possible and get him the help he deserves. We never stray from a case just because the probability of success is low. 


More coming soon, this area is a work in progress. Feel free to visit us on Instagram to learn more about any other animals not currently in this section.