Reversed Rescue Assists in Biggest Marijuana Bust in LA Sheriff History

On June 8th, Reversed Rescue was invited to be apart of the biggest drug bust in the history of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Over a dozen animals, 5 being young puppies, and a cat we're left in the middle of illegal marijuana grows with nowhere to go. These grows operate in the middle of the desert, with over 30 miles in each direction being nothing but vacant land. The Antelope Valley has faced a record breaking summer this year [2021] with temperatures rising up to 110 degrees. 


Reversed Rescue stepped in on 4 separate occasions to provide shelter and safety for any animals found in the marijuana farm raids. With a total of over a dozen dogs and even some cats being saved from the heat and abuse. Scooter, one of the dogs rescued from the first call, has had his ears cut with what seems like your every day office scissors. This is a brutal and unnecessary procedure even if done correctly.

Image showing scooter's ears that were cut improperly

In the first Raid we also rescued (in order of appearange) El Jefe, Bud, Sheriff, Vivian, Sarge, Alex, and Alvin. 

In honor of Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the puppies names we're heavily influenced by their line of work (Sarge, Sheriff), their own names (Alex/Vivian), and their dog, Alvin. 

In August, Sheriff Villanueva presented Tye Friis, Founder of Reversed Rescue, with an award for his efforts within the Marijuana Busts.


As the raids continue throughout the Antelope Valley, Reversed Rescue continues to step in and rescue the animals found in these illegal marijuana farms.

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