Ranch Project


Reversed Rescue Ranch - Prepared by: Tye Friis - Founder - March 11, 2019

Contact: rr@reversedrescue.com



Reversed Rescue Summary


Reversed Rescue has been operating as a 501c3 Non Profit organization since 2015 and has rescued, re-homed, transported and rehabilitated hundreds of cases. These cases range from fight ring/bait attack dogs, back yard breeding closures, neglect cases, cancer/severe medical, shelter rescues, abandonments and more. Tye Friis, founder of Reversed Rescue, funded and built the facility previously located in Downtown Los Angeles that ran for nearly 2 years. Due to constantly changing city codes we have decided to officially move the rescue to Tye's 10 acre ranch in Leona Valley, CA. Expansion will be nearly unlimited in this location and seclusion allows for a calm and adequate place for rehabilitation and provides a location where the rescue may firmly plant its roots and grow for years to come. This will also allow for Reversed Rescue to expand with community programs, volunteer base and training abilities for rehabilitation; not just for RR, but many other rescues needing the valueable help to save more animals.



The main goal of this expansion is of course to have the ability to house and save many more dogs, but also to provide for the community and make many more advocacy programs. Programs that can contribute to adult and youth organizations to better the knowledge of rescue for future generations to come. Organizations such as "Boy Scounts of America, 4H, FFa and more". A place for all to come and learn about rescue and see the process and understand why it is so important. Alongside this goal, we aim to build a senior hospice/retirement center for dogs at the end of life to have a warm and loving place to pass over knowing nothing but the care of humans, and not just the humans that may have let them down in past experiences. 


The projected timeline for phase 1 of the ranch build was 60 days. Having completed this phase, we are eager to move on to the next phase and complete future projects, if funding permits it. Please see what each phase consists of and our progress thus far, below: 

green = funded & project completed,

red = needs funding,

orange = funded, project in progress,

yellow = funded, project will start soon

Phase 1:

Layout design & plans

permit submissions & approval

Land measurements and margin markings (flagging)

Equipment rental -John Deere 210L Tractor/Pave

Brush & shrub removal

Land grading and Paving

Land drain mapping & digging

Drain install


Post hole digging

Post gravel layer and concrete replacement

Retaining wall install

Tractor supply kennel and supply purchase

Kennel and fencing transport to ranch

Kennel Assembly

Rescue dog park fence install

Rescue dog park gate install

Rescue dog park mulch delivery and spreading

Dog housing material delivery

Dog housing build

Pool platform build

Dog play equipment transport and install in Rescue dog park

Front dog yard fence install

Main property privacy fence install

Donation brick work install

Front fencing to property install

Entry gate install

Ranch house packing and prep

Dog transports from old facility to new ranch facility

Phase 2:

Retirement center fenced perimeter

Retirement center home 1

Retirement center home 2

Retirement center solar installation

Retirement center home 3

Retirement center home 4

Retirement center home 5

Retirement center home 6

Community center build

Landscaping / Astroturf

Phase 3:

Grooming and bath room - where we will wash and maintain all of our dogs

Second rescue dog kennels - bigger in size and all around better kennels

Phase 4:

Rescue day care

Kennels and outdoor grooming

Phase 5:

Rescue boarding center to generate passive income that will go directly back into the rescue

Landscaping across the entire rescue ranch

Finishing touches across all projects




General Budget List:

Our general budget overview will list out the entire material list which contains each element to the proposed column such as "dog house, "property fencing" and so forth. We are looking to establish relationships with companies that can donate material to offset costs on a daily basis. Working with both local and large corporations to reduce budget costs greatly helps RR reach the proposed budget goal much faster while also allowing companies to be involved and a part of our mission for animal welfare. All labor costs have been cut out due to the fact that our founder, Tye Friis, will complete each phase himself or with the help of our loyal volunteers.


Each item listed is the must have to complete the corresponding build while also staying up to code and meeting our standards for animal care here at the ranch. Our standards for kennels, housing and protection of our animals is higher than most requirements simply because we deem is necessary to go above and beyond the suggested build requirements, better raising the quality for all rescue animals in our care. Each small additive will be left for after opening as smaller fundraisers and community supplied materials or donations so the general project scope we are proposing can stay detailed towards the large and mandatory necessities of the RR Ranch. 


Phase 1 Budget:

 Description Quantity Unit Price Total Cost Funding Status
Kennels 5x10 (Tractor Supply) 31 380 11780 Complete
Kennel Expansion panel packs (Tractor Supply) 70 130 9100 Complete
Kennel roof kits (Tractor Supply) 40 125 5000
Treated fence posts (Tractor Supply) 240 15 3600
RDP game fencing (Tractor Supply) 5 500 2500
Dog house builds 40 250 10000
Water lines and electrical 1 1800 1800
Property fencing (privacy) 1 28000 28000 30% funded
Pea gravel 100 28 2800
3/4 stone 500 16 8000
Kennel mister system 40 55 2200
Extra Materials - (screws, nails, adhesive, concrete, shingles etc) 1 900 900 Complete
Grand Total 85,680


Project Closing Statements

Before / During / After

Currently we have completed phase 1 of the Reversed Rescue Ranch build with only a few exceptions. Below are pictures of the current progress of phase 2. We have also included pictures of the previous built facility to show the workmanship and capabilities we possess for completing for completing this build on time and to the best quality possible to make the components of the build last for years to come.


Thank you for taking the time to review this proposal and we thank you for your ongoing support.


- From the RR team & Tye friis