Reversed Rescue Assists in Biggest Marijuana Bust in LA Sheriff History


On June 8th 2021, Reversed Rescue was invited to be apart of the biggest drug bust in the history of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Over a dozen animals, 5 being young puppies and a cat, were left deserted in the middle of illegal marijuana grows with nowhere to go. These marijuana grows operate in the middle of the desert, with nothing but vacant land spanning in at least 30 miles in every direction. The Antelope Valley has faced a record breaking heat wave this year with temperatures rising up to 110 degrees.

Reversed Rescue stepped in on several occasions to provide shelter and care for animals found in these marijuana busts. Over a dozen dogs and even some cats were saved from the heat and abuse. Scooter, one of the dogs rescued from the first raid, has had his ears cut with what seems like your every day pair of office scissors. This "operation" is called cropping and is usually done to make a dog look fierce, the ideal look for a guard dog. We heavily discourage cropping as it can results in medical problems and overall is a cruel procedure to be performed on any animal if done unnecessarily. In this case, it does not seem like this was done professionally whatsoever, which likely means Scooter was in great pain as a result.

In the first raid we also rescued (in order of appearance) El Jefe, Bud, Sheriff, Vivian, Sarge, Alex, and Alvin.

In honor of Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the names of the puppies were heavily influenced by their line of work (Sarge & Sheriff), their own names (Alex & Vivian), and their dog Alvin.


In August of 2021, Sheriff Villanueva presented Tye Friis, founder of Reversed Rescue, with an award for his efforts within the marijuana busts.

As the raids continue throughout the Antelope Valley, Reversed Rescue continues to step in and rescue the animals found in these illegal marijuana farms.

If you would like to make a donation towards Reversed Rescue and help fund the care of these animals and more, you can do so by clicking the "Donate Today" button below.



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