Newest Rescue! - Lucy

A week ago we were called to rescue a female pitty that was abandoned in a local residency here in Palmdale, CA. The landlord reported that the previous tenant was using her for breeding and had abandoned her when he moved out. Usually in these types of scenarios we have to play it by ear and get the animal to trust us before attempting to remove them from the property, which can sometimes take hours. Fortunately Lucy welcomed us with a smile from ear to ear and wanted nothing more than to play with us. It broke our hearts to see such a joyful pup knowing she had been left there by the person she trusted to take care of her.Lucy coming up to Tye Friis We allowed Lucy some time to play with us and get accustomed to our presence. After about half and hour it was time to get her ready to be brought back to our facility. Lucy stared back at her yard as we attempted to remove her, and wouldn't budge. We didn't blame her, this was the place where she had likely spent the majority of her life, and now she was being taken away from her environment because someone failed to care for her. It's a sad situation.

We removed the leash to give her a moment

Lucy wouldn't budge once she realized what was happening. After giving her a few moments to take it all in, we made a 2nd attempt and slowly but surely, Lucy followed us to the front yard while being guided with the leash. Once we exited through the yard's gate, she sat down once again, in front of the house, and wouldn't walk another step. Tye stopped for a moment to reassure her that we we're there to help.

How do you explain to a dog that the person that promised to be there for them has abandoned them?

After consoling her, Tye lifted her into our rescue truck which was just a few steps away, and she sat there looking back at the house. We drove back to our facility and you could tell Lucy was weary of her new environment. But through patience Tye was able to walk her to the doors of our facility and get her settled in.

Within the next few days, Lucy was scheduled for her first doctors visit where we do initial x-rays and tests to see if the new rescue needs any medical attention. After hearing the landlord's story of Lucy being used for breeding, we figured we'd see signs of overbreeding and whatnot, but what we didn't expect was Lucy being fully into her 3rd trimester and pregnant with 8 (yes EIGHT) puppies! 

Lucy is expected to give birth within the next 1-2 weeks, and we're nothing but thrilled that these puppies didn't go to the breeder that failed to care for her. We'll have more updates on the puppies and Lucy soon! 

If Lucy's story touched you at all, you can help out by sponsoring Lucy. Every dollar goes directly towards her and her future puppies care. Visit our sponsor page by clicking here.



Lucy is so beautiful , may you be blessed for finding her ..

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